Sunday, July 3, 2011

Reference News: Concord Publications - Still to Come in 2011

According to Concord Publications (Dragon Models Ltd's publishing arm) 2011 catalogue, the following titles in their "Warrior Series" are still to be expected:

  • 6531 "Operation Blau: 6.Armee’s Summer Offensive June-August 1942" by William K. Fowler & Ramiro Bujeiro
  • 6535 "The Waffen SS in Russia 1941-44" by William K. Fowler & Dmitriy Zgonnik
  • 6537 "Operations of Army Group North 1941-44" by Ian Baxter & Dmitriy Zgonnik
  • 6538 "Battles of Sevastopol & Crimea 1941-42" by Hans Seidler & Dmitriy Zgonnik

Observant followers of the 1/35 scale figure industry will have noted DML's recent trend toward using the plate art from the Concord "Warrior Series" titles for box-art and figure releases. Truth be told it's not a recent trend by DML, they have been doing it for years, only even more so recently. So, when we see these new Concord titles being released, what we are seeing is not only a useful reference book, but the plates to potential new figure sets.


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