Sunday, May 22, 2011

F135: The Week (x2) That Was (09/05/2011 - 22/05/2011)

Due to RL commitments I missed last week's summary, so this week I'll be offering a summary of the last fortnight - and a pick of the week for both weeks :)

News Summary

The past fortnight's news archives can be found here: News archive 9-15 May 2011 and here: News archive 16-22 May 2011.
The week 9-15 May saw the release of a new DML figure set as well as Royal Models' latest batch. The reaction to the DML set in on the community forums was as expected, and as usual people forgot that Ron Volstad no longer does figure box-art for DML (remember, this latest box-art was done for Concord, and these figure are based on that artwork). The figure, or in this case figures, of the week goes to Royal Models' "Children Playing".
The week ended 22 May sure was a busy one for Alexander Zelenkov as far as announcements go, with 8 figure sets through both his own Stalingrad Miniatures as well as Krisztián Bódi's The Body. And so this week's pick obviously goes to Alexander, but which figure set? It can only  go to The Body's "Khalkhin-Gol 1939". These will look great with a BT-7 set during the Soviet–Japanese Border Wars.

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In the Community

  • Community posts (WIPs)

    • Men of the 761st Tank Btn.: Check out the updated thread by Professor P (yes, I know I posted this before, which is why I said "updated" ;) ).
    • Verlinden Figures by Benito Silva. The feldgrau isn't too hot, but the camo smock is excellent.
    • USMC Guadalcanal: by Andy Evans. Looks to be shaping up to a very nice vignette.

  • Community posts (Completed figures and Galleries)


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