Sunday, May 1, 2011

F135: The Week That Was (25/04/2011 - 01/05/2011)

From the Editor's Desk

I've decided to shuffle a few things on this blog around. Let's get right into it. 
  1. As of today, 1 May 2011, I'll be posting a weekly summary. Inspired by Dave G's "Wargaming Tradecraft from N++", I'll post a summary of the news featured on F135 as well as a few other (relevant) links I come across during the week. I'm not 100% decided on what I'm going to include or exclude yet, and this will evolve over weeks until I find a format which is easy for me to publish, and more importantly useful to F135 readers.
  2. I'll no longer be linking to reviews on an individual basis, in fact the more observant may have noticed I stopped doing that a while back. My original intent was for figure reviews to be searchable, in almost a database-like style. Perhaps I'll still get to that one day; perhaps someone else will. However, for now, I'll cease doing that. That said, we're not going "cold turkey". Links to reviews published during the week will be linked to via the "F135: Week That Was" newsletter.
  3. Blog visitors will have noticed the scrolling image on the homepage. This reserves the space for "The Editor's Pick of the Week" feature. Every week I'll be picking my favourite release of the week. I'll try to be objective. And yes, there may even be some weeks when none of the releases impress...
So let's get into it...

News Summary

This week I was still playing catch-up with the news. This week's can be found here: 24 April 2011 - 1 May 2011.
Notably this week we saw the first of a new range of Cossacks from Minisoldiers, a German Cossack with Soviet Cossacks to follow shortly. My choice, The Editor's Pick of the Week though goes to DToys "SS Tank Crew 1944 #1". Only the second WWII Figure release from DToys, based on the box-art this appears to be a nice looking sculpt from G.H. Jung, with Man-Jin Kim applying masterful brush strokes for the box-art.

To the Blogosphere

The "To the Blogosphere" section of this newsletter features blog entries (made during the week) which I feel deserve a bit of attention. Readers may find these blog entries, or the models featured therein, posted on community forums. The figures may not always be complete, and they won't always be stand-alone models, often featuring in a diorama.

In the Community

The "In the Community" section will, like "To the Blogosphere", feature forum posts relevant to this blog: WIPs, completed figures, etc. In addition to these, for now I'll be lumping reviews, SBSs, events, gallery features, etc all in this section. At a later stage I may split these up, but for now: all here.

A Parthenon shot

If readers feel I've missed something worth sharing, please don't hesitate to drop me an email, or even comment on this post.


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