Sunday, May 8, 2011

F135: The Week That Was (02/05/2011 - 08/05/2011)

News Summary

This week's news archive can be found here: News archive 2-8 May 2011
While I played catch-up with the New World Miniatures news of the set eating GI's and individual releases of figures previously released in sets (i.e. the Kiwi LRDP and Kettenkrad figures), Black Dog released a set of German "Ardennes" figures (let's be honest: these can be used in most late war, winter settings), and MiniSoldiers announced the imminent release of the previously alluded to Soviet Cossacks (drilling/thinning that overcoat sure is going to be fun! Given its prominence I'd think they'd cast it as a separate piece featuring the internal coat details...). My Editor's Pick of the Week, though, goes to the late week announcement by Mantis Miniatures of their Eastern Front German motorcycle crew. We've seen many motorcycle crews, but not many for the icy Eastern Front - especially none wearing that motorcyclist's mask!

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